Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Styling Your Lace Kimono

 Recently, we have launched the NAVAJO COLLECTION, featuring the lace capes, maxi skirts, and our very own handmade accessories. And I am so happy to see a lot of ladies are getting excited over them! To those who wants to know how you can style a kimono/cape, I will be showing to you my top 3 styling tips! If you let your imagination wander, you could think of many more ways to wear it! :)


Wear with a short dress
If you want to emphasize the length of the cape, and your legs too, go for a short dress. It balances the look by having both short and long hems. :)


If you want to get noticed with your outfit, it is either you go all out, or you go as simple as you can be, and never in between. Go all out long by pairing your cape with a maxi dress! You'll feel like a true blue boho! 

If you don't have a dress to pair your kimono with, make use of your tops and bottoms, they are as good as your trusty 'ol dress. Pick a top and skirt, or a top and denim shorts. 

Are you excited to play-around with your summer kimono/cape? bet you could think more ways of styling it more than I did! :) 

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