Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Best Way To Say It Is To Just Say It

Summer is coming in a few months and I am totally on a hype now because it's my most awaited season! Being a boho girl, dressing up in my navajo-inspired ootds is best during summer! I seriously cannot contain my emotions over the pieces I designed for Simone's Closet. I cannot wait to finish them all! :) This week will be a bit busier for me with a client pitch, two meetings, crafting, shop visit and inventory, a trip to my car mechanic, a wedding in the weekend, and to top this all off my on-call/no day-off mommy duties haha! :) Wonder Woman will bow to me haha! 

top- Simone's Closet
maxi skirt- Simone's Closet
sandals- Shoeology

Friday, January 23, 2015

On Both Ends

Life lately is just house-Marise's school-house and nothing else. I have very boring social life haha! Well I barely go out with my girls since most of them are busy too! I miss them so much! So if you girls reading this you know where to call me up haha! My weekends are usually spent with my daughter and my family. I use my Saturdays and Sundays as a break from the 5-day work week. It's important for me to unwind and de-stress since I am the type who cannot work if my mind is cluttered and if my mood is not okay. 

How do you guys doing? I am so busy preparing for Simone's Closet's summer campaign, and on the production of our accessories for our Robinsons Galleria shop. I really do hope you'll find time to go there! :) 

more blog posts coming!!! :)

top- Simone's Closet
maxi skirt-Simone's Closet

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You Can Never Hide Feelings

Lately my feelings/emotions is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad. But more so, deep within me there's something I need to know. Something should be healed, something should be touched. And for no reason, I couldn't decipher how, or where all of these are coming from. I am longing for something and I am quite sure that no matter how I mask everything, I couldn't and I wouldn't be able to contain such emotions. 

Could it be regrets? Could it be that I have finally realized things, see them clearly now, and though I am quite sure I know the answer already, I am losing sight on the reality and what my instincts tell me. WEIRDO.CYCLONE, AVALANCHE of feelings. How do I decipher you? How do I know the answers to you. My heart feels while my mind rumbles. Should I need answers now, if so, where to find/get them? or should I wait for them to come but how long? Can I wait? Or I'll die waiting? If I wait will I still have time, or am I too late? God help me. :(

Moving on... this was my outfit yesterday when I did some fabric shopping for Simone's Closet. I am excited to finish the entire summer collection so we can shoot and show them all to you. I wish I have bionic eyes, robotic mind, and a mechanical pair of hands so I can do them swiftly, but then I am just a normal girl haha! :) 

PS: Pardon the spill of emotional spiels, I just can't contain it anymore. I wish the heavens above will enlighten me. :)

top- Simone's Closet (still available and ready for purchase)
pants- thrifted
sandals- Landmark
moto jacket- thrifted

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Errand OOTD

Here's one of the many (well some undocumented) casual OOTDS I am wearing whenever I do errands for Simone's Closet. I was just lucky the other day to take shots of this outfit right after my team and I had our ingress in our newly-opened shop inside Charmed Life Accessories in Robinsons Galleria. Nothing so girly, just plain and simple :)

Simone's Closet Now Open In Robinsons Galleria

who knows what's in-store for us this year? I too do not know what to expect, just like an opportunity that came early this year! I am so happy that I was given a chance to share my passion, and offer to people my handcrafted accessories in a more convenient place. This doesn't simply mean earnings for me, but hope for my beloved workers too, whom which this business is sharing its profits to. 

I had once dreamed of having my own boutique, though I need more time for it, still, I was able to fulfill it through the kindness and belief of Charmed Life accessories over Simone's Closet. And so we just opened a few days ago!

here's a little virtual tour...

 Charmed Life Accessories houses handcrafted and Pinoy-made products like its very own, semi-precious jewelries, cosmetic products, and our very own fabric accessories. 

I was given spaces to fill with our pieces. So the other day, I packed our stocks and did our set-up. You'll see there items from P50 up until, and not over P350 So to those who wants to see our works, and purchase them, you can go directly to our shop, inside Charmed Life Accessories, 50th Avenue in Robinsons Galleria! All online promos apply! :) 

Hope to see you there guys!Hope you'll support us in our new endeavor! :)


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