Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Too Lazy

My life lately is too lazy. haha! all I wanna do is sleep and eat sleep and eat maybe because I have been working non stop for two weeks straight due to the series of bazaars we've been joining. Glad that this week is a lil less stressful since we have no bazaars scheduled for the weekend. This means rest for me before I jump out to our December bazaar series. I am off to bond with my Marise later! Hope you are doing well as much as I do!:)

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top- Landmark
skirt- Pinkfashion shop
boots- Landmark
necklace- Simone's Closet

Friday, November 21, 2014


 Such a new feels for me to be wearing a monochromatic outfit like this. I never planned this outfit til I realized upon typing this post, that everything seems to pull off together haha! that top I am wearing is a muscle tee from Artwork, and it's my current fave! So chic and hippie at the same time! I am taking a lil break from work and squeezed in a new post! later today til Sunday I will be too busy with my bazaar! Hope you have some time to visit SIMONE'S CLOSET tomorrow at Rockwell Tent Makati! We will be selling together with amazing local brands, for the WINTER WISH BAZAAR! :) 

Hope you're having a great Friday! :)

top- Artwork
cape- Simone's Closet
bag- Longchamp

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby Let Your Hair Down

 I have been on a LSS mode with Let Your Hair Down by Magic. I have been a fan of them since Rude! haha! Go try listening to these two, bet you'll love them for sure! Moving on, I am soooooo madly in love with off-shoulder tops! They are way flattering and sexy without revealing too much skin! Made a boho version of the famous off-shoulder tops (the one I am wearing on the photos) Surprisingly, this cropped style is way too comfy and not revealing my belly! I know! I know you like this too! So if you have time, go visit SIMONE'S CLOSET now because we are selling some online! Or in case you will be swinging by in the south, we'll be at the...

together with amazing Filipino brands! Start shopping for your Christmas gifts! :) 

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Apollo Musicfest

You know for a fact that I am a true blue boho/hippie in soul! haha! and just like one, I have always dreamed of going to  Coachella music festival, but sadly, it's abroad so there's no way I can be there haha! Good thing, wonderful peeps out there, the UP JMA, is actually holding a music festival here in Manila! such a great news for all the hippies out there! :) So if you got nothing to do tomorrow perhaps you wanna pay a visit? :) Just the perfect Friday gimik to cap off the week! :)

so exciting!!!:)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What You See Is What You Get

 Hello! hello! how are you guys??!!! Sorry for the lack of posts! You know how busy I am now that we are near to December. Bazaars are left and right already so it means 24/7 ngaragan for me! Some are asking why I don't wear the trend. I answered them simply, " Because I make my own trend". I am the type who never dive on what's "IN" because I am the type who creates my own statement! I don't like to be dressed the same way as the other girls out there. I want my own and mine alone. That's why instead of nosing about the latest fashion trend, I am busy making my own, just like the top I am on this wearing post. It''s a new piece coming out on our weekend bazaar! 

If you got time, please do check SIMONE'S CLOSET at


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