Saturday, November 1, 2014

Denim and White

If I am not on my bohemian outfits, you'll see me in a basic outfit like this. Well most of the time this is my go-to outfit daily, whenever I bring Marise to school. I actually am missing shooting OOTD photos. It has been 2 weeks since I last had my ootd sesh. I promise to get back this weekend with new sets! :) 

How was your halloween ? :) Mine's boring as I am down with flu and stuck with work stuff haha! :)

top-Simone's Closet
pants- Kirin Kirin
shoes- Poshpocket shoes
necklace- Simone's Closet

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pinkie Swear

My title does not really connect with what I have to say on this post haha! Pardon the disconnection, but you know at 1am in the morning, all the brain juices start to pour in hence I have to unload what's inside. :) I was once told that love strikes on a moment you don't know to a person you actually don't know, in a situation you don't expect at all. I never thought of that becoming true til it happened to me. I am just glad that whatever it is I have now, whomever I spent new memories with, I know from the bottom of my heart that this is God's will. :) Things may not happen the way I like but I know God has bigger plans than what I could think of. :)

top- Landmark
cape-Simone's Closet
denim shorts- DIY
heels- Pill Clothing

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Lately I have been dressed in either a maxi dress or a kimono cover-up. haha! Those two are my current fashion addictions :) I feel boho and sexy at the same time whenever I am in either of those pieces. Plus I get to move whatever way I like without worrying of being uncomfy. :) 

By the way that cape I am wearing is for sale at Simone's Closet! It's part of our STRANDED COLLECTION! make sure to check it out before the pieces are gone! :) we have loads of bohemian printed capes and clothes! :)

top- Stylestunner
Cape- Simone's Closet
shorts- DIY 
wedges- Trunkshow Manila
boho crown- Simone's Closet

Sister Act

Had an afternoon OOTD sesh with my soul sister Julie a week ago. We needed the photos actually for the release of the STRANDED COLLECTION. And this post is made to share some of the good shots we were able to capture! Don't you just love the boho pieces? I myself couldn't resist the urge to get one piece for me haha! I want to keep one for myself but since we only make very few stocks per designs I have to give way for my clients so they'll be able to shop the clothes first before my pleasure hahaha! 

If you have time do visit our STRANDED COLLECTION! :) I personally like the maxi skirts, and the capes haha! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wild Flower

How are you guys doing lately? well me don't ask because as always, I am busy as a bee! ahaah! I can really feel the Christmas vibes with the cold wind (noticed it already) and the bulk orders we've been getting left and right for Simone's Closet. Actually this is the time I really get excited for Simone's Closet as we prepare new collections, holiday gift ideas, and our roster of bazaar adventures! 

On top of my work loads, are my mommy duties! I have also been busy with Marise's field trip, and school programs. I feel such a proud mom! :)  

By the way Simone's Closet just released it's new collection, the STRANDED COLLECTION. Have you seen it already? :)

 top- Landmark
maxi skirt- available from STRANDED COLLECTION
shoes- Pill
boho crown- Simone's Closet


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