Monday, September 29, 2014


photos by mama

This must be my current favorite OOTD a mix of comfort and fierceness! Got this pants from a thrift shop years ago, and it's so classic that even though trends fade, this piece is very fashion forward. Wear it with a plain tee and I am off to go! I love the hippie comfy vibe of this look! :) 

How are you doing guys? :)  

top- Bench
pants- Thrifted
sandals- Tutum
boho crown- Simone's Closet

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Maroon Boheme

 photos by mama

I have always been on my tops and jeans outfits lately, and I somehow missed wearing my maxi dresses. so the other day when I had the chance to dress-up, I went full bohemian with my maxi and my crochet cape! I am so inlove with the colors, don't you like it too? :)

Been so stressed lately! I am hoping all of this nega feelings be gone. I want a clear mind and a happy outlook! Now I am thinking what to do to remedy this... I am seeing my girl friends later. Perhaps I just need some time to unwind. :) PMS always get on the way haha! :)

dress-Simone's Closet
cape-Simone's Closet

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feelin' Blue

photos by mama

feelin' blue for today and kind of girly so I jumped out of bed and put on this ruffle mini dress! I so love it to bits especially when matched with this printed blue cape! Don't you like that these two pieces blend well together? :)

Quite busy with work lately and I am off to another meeting again for The Creative People PH. 

If you want to order this outfit, the dress and the cape are  both available from our THE GYPSIES COLLECTION! :)

dress and  cape- Simone's Closet
flats- Trunkshow

Friday, September 12, 2014

Like A Rockstar

photos by mama

I always have a day wherein I feel like a rockstar and all I wanna wear is that pair of ripped jeans, and style it as edgy it can be! I 've always wanted to be a band vocalist, but my soft voice won't do justice to it haahah! So the frustration reflects on the way I dress, instead. hahaah! 

I am stuck at home tonight together with my laptop. I feel so bored, I want someone to hug and cuddle with tonight. I am that clingy huhuh :(

top- random brand
vest-Naf Naf
pants- Kirin-Kirin
flats- Landmark

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


photos by mama

Sometimes when I over think things, the best to do is just breathe deeply. As people grow old, life seems to be a bit difficult as you think of the future. More pressure on you unlike when you were just studying. You are just expected to pass your grades, whereas when you are older , you are expected to drive your own life, responsibly. And when I mean responsibly, meaning you are pressured to have a career, and a stable life. Sometimes, I'd rather go back my high school days wherein everything is just so easy and happy, but then, I wouldn't trade for anything else where I am right now. I wouldn't be here if not for my persistence and efforts. My life may not be perfect or as expected by others, yet I am proud of what I 've become because I am happy with it.

Moving on, notice the funny post with all those TUBERO ads? haahaha! so cool right?! Nice to see ads on posts knowing we have internet ads nowadays. On to my outfit, I am loving how casual yet very me, this outfit is, not to mention, super comfy! You know me, I'd rather be dressed in a comfy outfit than tiis ganda porma haha! I swear I wanna repeat this kind of look again! :) 

If you want a cape like what I am wearing, you can shop that piece from our THE GYPSIES COLLECTION! :) We have lots of boho clothes and accessories for you! :)


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