Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just Believe

Hello I am back from a weekend hiatus! It was such a fun SUPERSALE BAZAAR weekend fro me. I bonded with my co blogger and co bohemian lady, Ana Gonzales. Will blog  about it very soon. for now, I'd like to share another OOTD post featuring my new favorite dress and necklace from Simone's Closet! The dress just got sold out we have 1 last piece left haha! 

I'll be back with a new post and more kwentos, for now, I gotta go I have tons of errands of to do. I just wanna remind you all that we will be launching the ROADTRIP catalog this weekend for you to shop on! don't forget to follow SIMONE'S CLOSET SHOP! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

We Can't Have It All

I once asked a friend (sometimes myself) why I don't have all the things I have ever wanted? Well simply because WE CANNOT HAVE IT ALL. In this life, I have come to realize that the lack of some things is a way of the Lord to push us to become better and have strong faith in Him. We won't be able to do so if we are given all the things we have ever wanted, because we would focus on getting more than giving more, and become happy. It is through giving and helping that we earn something. We may not get material things, but we just earned God's faith and trust on us that no matter what, we choose to be good rather than be greedy and by living that kind of life, we are living the life of God wants to live, and rest assured He will not let us down <3 p="">

I thank God for giving me just exactly what I needed. He never fails me He never does. :)

PS: that dress I am wearing is another favorite of mine! :) It's part of Simone's Closet's ROADTRIP COLLECTION! if you want to order, just send us a message on our facebook shop! :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Into The Fields

here are a bunch of photos from the ROADTRIP photoshoot we did over the weekend. I am so in love with this boho pants! It's the perfect print, and the fit is just so comfy! We'll be releasing more of this pants, and crop tops on our ROADTRIP collection! 

Meanwhile if you like to shop the clothes featured at the ROADTRIP lookbook album,  you may place orders already! :) We'll be launching the full collection at the SUPERSALE BAZAAR, this February 27- March 1 at the World Trade Center! :) Hope you could come! :)

crop top -Simone's Closet
pants- Simone's Closet
necklace- Simone's Closet


Hello guys! I am so proud and happy to announce our ROADTRIP lookbook album! It's Simone's Closet's first collection for 2105! Just recently when we did a shoot. It was a rather, not-so-prepared shoot, but it turned super duper fun! Everything seemed to collide that day. such a perfect shoot! :) 

If you want to see a peek into our full Summer wardrobe, just check ROADTRIP lookbook album, or catch us this week, February 27- March 1, 2015 at the SUPERSALE BAZAAR. This collection is in collaboration with fashion blogger, a fellow boho gal, Ana Gonzales. Find out the reason why for the collaboration and the many things you'll be expecting on the formal launch of the collection, at Simone's Closet's facebook shop. :)

How do you find the shoot? like it? :)


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