Friday, July 10, 2015

My Deepest Why

I dedicate this post this to all the single parents out there, most especially to the single mothers. For days now, at this usual late night hour, I always shed a tear or so. I cannot exactly decipher as to whether they are tears of joy or tears of pain. But what I exactly know at this point is that, I cry because I am strong. 

It's hard to become a single mother for you act 2 roles in your child's life. A  caring mother, and a hardworking father. I was talking to God last night asking Him if I can shoulder everything. I can feel challenges left and right. I can feel the pain, the exhaustion, and the fear that I might fail, and it will hurt me the most to see my future didn't work. I felt as if the challenges are unlimited, they keep coming back for more. I AM AFRAID, HONESTLY.

And so I prayed this time, I felt peaceful, and light right after I cried and offer my wearies to the Lord. He somehow whispered to me to get my ipad and scan over my photos. As I swipe photos after photos, the tears started to roll again, my throat tighten and the cry baby in me, burst in to tears. That's when I realize that God wants me to be stronger, for the people on the photos are the reasons why I push myself, and my Marise is one of those. God wants to tell me to continue after crying, for I have surpassed many challenges already, and to give-up is never a solution. God wants me to see all those photos ( bazaar photos, family pictures, simone's closet, my journey photos) because He wants me to recall my deepest WHYs why I continue to live. He somehow wants to remind me that whenever pain, challenges, and exhaustion, makes me want to give-up, I have more reasons not to. 

I am just grateful that God is always there with me. He gave me Marise so I can have Simone's Closet and my XTRM 1-11 family. If not for her I wouldn't be here where I am now. 
I may  be on my greatest battle in life to provide for my Marise, but I am so lucky because God entrusted me this big responsibility for He knows I am capable of doing so. Because He believes in me. 

If in case you feel like giving up, let yourself cry, wipe away tears, and after a minute or so, stand up and remind yourself of your DEEPEST WHY, why you keep moving, and should keep moving. :)

PS: I enjoy the rainy weather with my Marise, but I am a sunny person, I miss the sunshine! I hope the skies will be clear anytime soon. I am planning a photoshoot for my Marise this weekend! :) how are you so far? :)

 Clothes from Simone's Closet

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Twenty Seventh

I just turned a year older and wiser. I am happy that I was given another chance to fulfill my dreams, another chance to extend more help to more people, and another chance to live the life to the fullest. I am 27, and getting older means you're entering to a much more challenging phase of life...and that's inevitable. You will be tested a lot of times, your faith and vision in life would really go under the mile. BUT at the end of the day it is on how you hold on to your goals that really matters. no amount of doubts would ever sink in your boat of dreams. :) 

HAPPY 27TH TO ME! :) cheers to more blessings! :)

PS: the maxi dress and belt  I am wearing is a part of Simone's Closet's LOST IN THE CITY COLLECTION! order now! :) 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I have been meaning to really update you guys at least one post a day. And I will be beginning it from now on. What have I been doing lately?? Well we all know I do business and writing jobs at the same time right? Top these all off with a new business I just opened! Yeah yeah, doing so really made me extra busier haha! 

But before I dig in to details on my next posts...I would like to share why I super love this outfit. Well number one is COMFORT. you know me too well that I wouldn't sacrifice comfort over fashion because the two can actually meet in between. I fancy wide-leg pants nowadays for the simple reason that it accentuates my curves so well and they always seem to look very presentable and business meeting-worthy no matter if it's printed or colorful. haha! 

Do you like my outfit? Well you can actually get this whole look just visit our LOST IN THE CITY collection here and here!

outfit and accessories from- SIMONE'S CLOSET

Sunday, June 21, 2015


photos from SIMONE'S CLOSET's Lost in The City collection

I am a firm believer that dreams really do come true. Dreams are to be built not be chased. Unless you act upon them, they will remain an illusion. Just recently when I unlocked an achievement on my business and it feels good hard work really pays off. :) 

On the side note, let me share how I really adore this outfit. I feel sexier in a loose outfit more than the fitted ones. Well precisely because I can move freely and confidently without having to worry about my skirt going up or my tummy is coming out haha! Kidding aside, this poncho and boho pants is my favorite combo! you can check them out on Simone's Closet's LOST IN THE CITY CATALOGS:

PS: I am excited to share more photo diaries on the posts to come! :) Namiss ko kayong kwentuhan! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sitting Down Here

Hello hello!!! How are you guys?! I know I have been MIA for a month already. I just had a really serious life issue that I need to deal with. But with God's permission and guidance I was able to see things clearly. Gahd, I miss my blog so much! I'll try the best that I can to update this blog so often, so you'll get to know more details of what keeps me busy every now and then. 

And as a welcome, below is a current favorite song in my playlist... Hope you'll like it too! :) 

dress- Simone's Closet
vest- thrifted
necklace-Simone's Closet


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