Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back To Basics

Ever since I got this pair of pants, I can't seem to put it away from my body hahah! I seriously would like to get another pair. Anyway, I have been away for like, a week? haha! But now I am back with lots of stories to tell and photos to share. I was preoccupied with our bazaar preparations, but now we are taking a break for this month to get ready for the Christmas rush bazaars, so I think I'll be having more time to blog now. Did you miss me? :) 

I'll be back with new posts! :) 

top- F21
pants- Kirin Kirin
shoes-Poshpocket shoes
bag-Abby Jocson

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

NEW-IN: Braided Choker necklace

Sorry for being MIA for the last couple of days. Lately, my life came as a whirlwind. I cannot decipher anymore how exactly I feel at the moment.All I know is I have this mixed emotions of happiness, fear, stress, and excitement, all at once. 

Moving on, part of my being "MIA, is that, I was soooo busy preparing Simone's Closet's new collection. I was busy crafting the other day, checking inventory, meeting suppliers, and basically all of my shop's errands! :)  This is all because of a big bazaar we have been preparing. 

I hope you could come this weekend, at the YABANG PINOY bazaar in World Trade Center, August 22-24,2014! :) You'll see a lot of amazing Pinoy brands offering you quality and affordable handmade pieces! And that includes those necklaces above! :)

We are hoping to see you there!!!:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

People Change

Do you ever wonder why people never stay the same? it's because they change. it's either for the best or for the worst. What was once you knew was okay, and will remain true, actually, will not in the long run. It's either you get trapped by it because you are kind enough to believe them, or you are too tough to guard yourself from being a victim. Change is the best thing in the world if used properly, not to hurt somebody. Sometimes, it is better to love yourself alone, be alone, and happy with yourself alone, at least you wouldn't feel the pain from a person who changed himself without a single notice, you are hurting.  

I seldom blog nowadays, because like you and other people, I too undergo change. And as I grow older I came to realize what should go first and should go next. I thank this blog for giving me a little space in the world to be myself, to talk about my thoughts, what I feel, and I need to release. This is an outfit post but I talk about my feelings. hehe. It's just that I feel more comfortable to write what I feel than share it to others. Mahirap na mamisinterpret. To those reading my blog, thank you for still sticking with me, and for the continued support. :)

Moving on, my outfit is something new to me. I seldom wear boots, but I stumbled upon a very nice pair at the mall the other day and I knew very well it was for me. The next thing I knew is they're on my feet already hahaha! And by the way that cape I am wearing is a new piece coming out very soon at Simone's Closet!!! Finally  billowy and over-sized cape for colder weather! Do you like it? :)

cape-Simone's Closet
leggings- random brand
boots- Landmark
top-random brand
belt- thrifted

Monday, August 4, 2014

In My Shoes

I have always been the type to listen to different people's stories. I love helping out the and as much as I can, putting my self in their shoes, to gauge, at least, how it is to be in their situation. People tend to judge others basing on what their eyes can only see. I have been there once and I know the feeling and how degrading it is to hear such false judgments. 

EVERY PERSON HAS A STORY. And each of us have our own struggles and battles going on. So it is therefore rightful to pay respect to every person we meet. In the lowest of times of a person, the best thing we can offer is to listen, to understand and to respect- because we don't know exactly,  how it is to be in their shoes, or how hard the battles they are in. 

 dress- thrifted
sandals- Tutum
necklace- Simone's Closet


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