Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Mane Thing

photos by RP

I don't know why I am a having hard time letting go of my long locks. Back then it was easy. It's a cycle: when my hair is short, I'll grow it long, when it's long, I want it short then repeat. But this year is different. I decided to stay long. Maybe because my deep love for boho makes me feel secured with my long hair despite the fact that is not easy to take care (shampoo, treatments, hair colors, trim). Decided to bring my full blunt bangs as well, for a change. I don't know but a full bangs just changes your aura, and I am keeping it again. 

For colors, I went for a golden dark blonde ombre. I just love the darker bangs looking great with my golden locks. As per the curls of my hair? It just went natural. I haven't had it permed for 3 years already but it grows curly each day! I can't wait to learn to do more braids for a quick change at times. :)

turtle neck top- Simone's Closet
earrings- Landmark Trinoma
vest- thrifted

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