Friday, January 3, 2014

Rock Paper Scissors Stick

I am excited for 2014, for this year marks my 5th year in blogging and my 5th year in business, Simone's Closet. I am more than happy to welcome what's coming in for me and my career. I am actually having a hard time to put myself back in work mode, AGAIN. My mind was pretty relaxed lately with all the holiday parties and gatherings here and there. I feel like I wanted to wake-up and do nothing. :)  

New Year means a new beginning, and a QUE HORROR moment for me. As an OC individual like me. I like to start the year by writing my 1 year plans. And doing so would actually take me a long while before I finally put them into writing. I mean I just feel so afraid to see how long the list goes and ask myself afterwards, "the hell can I do this? " haha! But ya know, there's no better way than, face your fears/problems. So, right after this post and my little work loads, I will be up a bit late to write down all my plans! And I remember, part of the plan is to general clean my room! waaaahhh I wanna die! :) hahaha!

So, are you having fears like mine too??! feel free to comment below. I sure miss your comments guys! :)

dress- thrifted
vest- Pinkfashionshoppe
necklace-Simone's Closet
bag- Abby Jocson

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