Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vertical Horizon

They say vertical lines make the wearer look slimmer and elongated, whereas wearing the horizontal stripes, make the wearer even more wider. Whatever those fashion tips or rules are, I do not care at all! I still love stripes anyway! I think dressing-up shouldn't be bounded by rules, it should be fun and dictated by the wearer's emotions. Wear something you like and never get afraid of it! :) 

How was your last few days of 2013? Mine's pretty good but I am already puzzled with what to do on 2014. I have lots of plans in mind and I am hoping I could do them all. You think so I can? :) A new year is coming and I am very eager and excited to embrace it fully and I can wait to lay my hands onto the many plans I am kickin off for Simone's Closet, for my blog, for myself, and of course for my family! :)

dress- thrifted
sandals- Solemate
necklace-Simone's Closet
bag-Abby Jocson

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