Monday, December 30, 2013

December In Capsule

A lot has happened to me the whole month of December. And I know I am pretty late to put them one by one in a blog post, hence I will put those merry moments in capsule through this entry! Are you ready? :)

December 13-15

For the first time ever, Simone's Closet was able to expand its horizon to a new market when we joined 2 series of Rockwell Holiday Fair bazaar. We did hits and misses this year on the several bazaars we joined, and it's on the late quarter that we changed gear and positioned our brand to a much more appreciative market. 

We are happy that despite the quick and last-minute decision sailing alone (I always joined bazaars with a partner) we were able to set sail and make new friendships and met new clients on the said event. I must say that we have found our niche, our market segment that truly recognizes us and our crafts. It's still rewarding that after all the trial and errors, we were able to determine the kind of bazaar and market for Simone's Closet. 

It was a 3-day bazaar with which I took a big risk, and despite of me being too sick on those days, we can proudly say that all the risk is worth it. :) 

TO ALL THOSE WHO WARMLY EMBRACED OUR PRODUCTS during our first-ever Rockwell Holiday Fair, thank you so much! :) we really had a blast! :)

OLL CDC December 19, 2013

Just a few days after the Rockwell Holiday Fair, while I am regaining my strength, I was again up for a another challenge. This time I was in full support with Marise's school presentation! Not only she was asked to play an angel in their nativity play, she was also a part of their dance presentation, and me as well! It would be very exciting to detail the performances through the video we've recorded, but somehow I do not have copies of it. Mario has, perhaps will upload them on my personal facebook account. just stalk there in a few more days! haha! 

I experienced the pressure and the effort to joined the parents' dance practices, but it was all worth it. I have never danced in front of the public, un lang moment na yon haha! Seeing Marise happy is just priceless! Tanggal ang pagod :)

TIDES Bar Tomas Morato
December 19, 2013

And another happening pushed-through the night after the tiring yet happy Christmas program of Marise- Jaqui's birthday celebration and the gang's Christmas party! SO right after the program, I went home took a short rest and changed my outfit and off I go to Tides. Never did I realize we became this close to each other (Jaqui, me and bella) and came to a point that we even got closer after the series of bazaars we've joined together. We never imagined we actually formed a barkada in us. Including our boyfs, our friends, and the next thing we noticed, we are seated on a big long table already! We were not complete though but it was a very fun night of drinks and a sisig and nachos and fries haha! :) We exchanged gifts and did some little games with prizes. I was not able to bring my camera hence the photos are not mine but Julie's haha! If you want to see more photos, click here.

I already miss you guys, if only we can party all day everyday, gawin na naten! Whenever I am with this people, time really flies so fast! I just wish to see you all guys again, complete! :)

December 21-22, 2013

After a week of joining (solo) at the December 13-15 Rockwell Holiday Fair, I joined yet again, and this time with Bella on the December 21-22 leg (the last one). It was a very memorable 2-day bazaar with Bella considering that it was my last bazaar and I get to spend it with my dear friend. I have missed her so much during the months I was very busy going solo with my bazaar stint, while she was focusing on her The Creative People team. 

Don't you just love how our booth set-up jive together? :) We actually have a lot of ideas in mind. If only money and time is unlimited, and if only we have a huge truck to load them all, we will definitely make those ideas real! haha! Right bells? haha! I MISS YOU NA!!! And you also Nike!!! Hope to be with you two in one booth sa isang bazaar :) for sure bongga ang booth nten!

70s Bistro Anonas, December 27, 2013

I've never watched any live band before. That is why I am super excited to watch one especially I am with my friends. We were not complete (again) haha but then it was a super memorable night! Imagine, I was supposed to go home by 12 midnight but I didn't notice the time and ended up leaving by 4am hahaha! I am hard to please when it comes to songs. I am not easily being swept by the latest hits, or the songs everyone is listening to. I have my own taste of songs, and though reggae is something I am not into, still it got me and I kind of love it! :) I swear I enjoyed the night and I am actually looking forward to more! Thanks Bella for inviting us! :) Kelan next?? haha! :)
want to see more photos click here

Whew! That's a lot isn't it??! December is super jam-packed for me! Di pa kasama jan ung mga lil side-trip adventures ko. For sure this post would gone wild long hahaha! I hope you enjoyed this post! Up next is an outfit post, and my Year-end entry! :) yay! I hope I won't be too busy tomorrow to do my flashback post!haha!


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