Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What I Gained This 2013

As the year ends, I have realized many things (good and bad) that has come to my life. I need not to elaborate each of them but let me cite a few. Things, people, moments that touched my heart, changed me for the better, and has given me inspiration to push harder this 2014. 

I'd like to thank in behalf of the whole Simone's Closet team, all the efforts, support, and love you have showered with us all throughout our leap this year. We have moved the brand up, further, we have changed for the better, and focused on a clearer path- and yet you were all there as witness and as great supporters of all our efforts. 

It was this year that I gave it my all, took the risk, and pushed harder to position SIMONE'S CLOSET on where it is now. I am proud to say that WE have finally set sail. On a clearer direction and with a clearer goal, and with wise decision and overflowing inspiration to move further. 

from this set-up...

to this...

we have given our set-up and the whole brand a face lift! Despite of all the financial risk, the big amount of time it took from my me-time, and all of the dramas in between, sulit pa rin all those risks :) 

and of course, I could not ask more, than all the surprise and unexpected TV, ONLINE, and MAGAZINE exposures Simone's Closet got for the entire year. I will be doing a separate and more detailed post about it hehe :) 

moving on, aside from the successful turn-out of ze business, I could not ask for more than new friends I met this year, na masasabi kong mahal ko. I treasure them and I treat them like my brothers and sisters...

 BELLA MORCEN!!! ang nawawala kong kapatid! hahaha tatagalugin ko na para tagos sa heart and I hope mabasa mo haha! Unang meeting palang sa eastwood bazaar, alam kong click na kame! Pareho kame ugali, pareho kame lagi ng naiisip, pareho kameng dreamer, at sobrang dami namen pareho! naiintindihan ko sya naiintindihan nya ako. We jive together. Umabot sa point that I miss her pagwala kameng chat together sa loob ng isang araw. Umabot na rin sa puntong nagwish kame na sana magkapitbahay kame haha! This picture is my favorite, this reminds me of all the ups and downs we experienced this year! LABYU BELLABELS!!!:) huhuhu kaiyak na to ah!


my baks! short for bakla! haha! kasi bakla naman sya talaga! haha! A perfect mix of wit,charm and sense of humor. Sino ba magaakala na si baks ay 33 na at may anak na, hay nako waley not until you asked or mabasa mo sa blog nya! She's the epitome of "beauty never fades even if you age." like bella, we have things in common, and we jive together simple because whatever she have right now, she is very down-to -earth. And super sarap kasama, favorite line ko sakanya " hulas na baks (sabay retouch ng powder) haha! labyu baks! :)

Glad to have met another bunch of people, Ann and Dennis, Rhea and RD, Kevin, Louie, Ate Marj, Jordan and Pauline, and last but not the least, Julie! :)  We may have known and bonded each other just this recently, but it feels like we've known each other for so long! :) Cheers to more happenings with you guys this 2014! :)

and of course last but not the least, I thanks God for giving me such a wonderful family! 

I love you both!!!:) Forever starts this year :)


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  1. aww..tear drops are falling! haha at ndi ako bakla noh! i'm a woman with a gay personality! chos! lab u everloo baks!! happy new year! I'll visit you guys soon! :) :) mwah hugs! and..bakit wala daw si jordan sa post mo? charot again! haha lol


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