Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sea Of Shoes

If there's one thing I am guilty of, it's my obsession over shoes! I swear I cannot store them anymore inside my room. I feel like I need a separate room to fit them all in! 

And just when I am about to collapse out of my "shoe storage problems" haha... my hubby spoiled me with these lovely pairs! Oh CHristmas came too early for me!!!:) I LOVE YOU!!!:)
I really am not a wearer of heels but hubby said to me to try to wear a pair or two just even on important events. Hence he got me these metallic wedges, and killer heels! :) I swear Trunkshow has tons of amazing finds! Been an avid fan since a year ago!

What's good news about this is that, when we went to Rockwell the other day, they have a huge sale going on and got these pairs for only P250 each from P1500!!!:) super steal isn't it??!!!:)

what not to love about these pair of flats?!!! Now I was swooned to get another pair! The colors, the structure of the shoes just scream bohemian, and I cannot let it slip away without them on my feet! Swear they are very much comfy on my feet!!!:)

moving on, hubby saw Tutum shop on last weekend's Yabang pinoy bazaar and he spotted these two lovelies! he made me try on these and bought them after! :) Awww I am really such a spoiled wife hahaha!

Did you notice they are all gold and sparkling? haaahahah! :) Can't wait to wear them and strut them on my OOTD posts!!!:) 

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