Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nothing Beats Good Food

The weather's been this cold for the past 3 days and I am pretty sure like me, you're also craving for a lot of good food to eat!!! As most of us claim, when the weather is cold, it's when we like to eat the most! So here I am sharing with you what I am currently craving for! Pancake House is one of my favorite places to eat. Aside from their to-die for delicious pancakes, I also love their savory dishes. The photos above are what Marise, hubby and I had when we went to Manila Ocean Park a week ago. I swear if I can go out of the house right now, I'd spent 2 hours eating pancakes, sandwiches, pastas, and soups from Pancake House haha!!! But since it's not good to go out, I'd rather look on these photos na lang haha!!! 

What we ordered: molo soup, chocolate milkshake, spicy chicken pilaf in brown rice, baked mac and cheese, and tapsilog

So, are you also craving for something?! what is it??! :)

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