Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Real-time Update: Daydreaming


Saturday night bonding with blogger friends, Rovie, and Bella and our partners., while chatting over wedding plans and business :) glad to have had a moment with you guys! :) Realized a lot of things over our dinner. :)

Sunday photoshoot and photo editing 
Sunday night daydreaming :)

Again, I am back to blogging!!! Usually expect more of my blogging absences during weekends for I am totally busy both Saturdays and Sundays. These days are often spent on family bondings, offline-world-dvd-eating-marathon, crafting, shooting, and other business errands. 

Being Denise Lunod, is really difficult. I could have wished to be Anne Curtis, puyat pero pretty parin, gets to take a leave and enjoy vacation. BUT, now that I am a mother, NO VACATION talaga itech! I could take some day off from working and crafting, but I could never have a break from being a mother. :) 

Anyways, weekends are days wherein I get to sit down for an hour, fill my planner with my future plans for my life, my family, business and stuff. And one of which I kept on daydreaming, is to finally have my own store as pictured on the last photo. I realized while shooting the products for Simone's Closet, how far we've gone since day 1! Stocks are overflowing, and I am craving for a vintage, dainty, bohemian-feel boutique to hold my products and serve as my little haven. Oh life! I know it won't come anytime soon, but I am working so hard so one day, I could have everything I ever wanted. :)

Right now, I am dead-tired from a day of sourcing new suppliers and sewers and glad to have found one! :) I will be making another posts after this, so please stay-tuned :)

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