Friday, May 24, 2013

Bazaar Life Part 1

photos taken from our FAMILY SALE-BRATION BAZAAR at Albergus Events Place QC! 

I have been joining bazaars for 2 years already and at some point in my life, I tell myself, how did I manage to survive two years of being a bazaarista? It's not easy I tell you, but the experience is very unique, very enjoying, and just something you'll miss right after. 

So what's my secret to surviving a day or even days in a bazaar? Well, cheesy as it may sound, the only secret is to just enjoy. I think it's the root of all the fruits of my labor. Without it I wouldn't go this far. It's happy that you get to move around Metro Manila, set-up your own space, make it as quirky and attractive as possible to magnet good vibes and customers.You get to test your products in different locations, different market, and assess afterwards how to improve more or to position your products to make it sellable. I am not into business, but I learn along the way and now I understand why business eats time and a lot of effort.

Anyways, here are some things that help me survive in bazaars, well, most especially whenever we join 3-4 days of bazaars:

well finding one is really challenging, but thank God He showered me one! yay!
Hubby can't go with me all the time since he has his own business, and I couldn't last a day without a companion. heller, mahirap walang kachikahan at lalo pa pag dumagsa mamimili.:) This means less stress and pagod for me. :)

Oh this one's my power whenever we have bazaars. I cannot leave without water. Lately, we are more inclined to joining outdoor bazaars, since it's much accessible to possible buyers. And  speaking of outdoor bazaar, super init and super magpapawis ka talalga, instant work-out ito pramis.

Whenever there are boring moments in a day, I tend to craft while watching my booth. Anjan naman si ateng saleslady ko to sales talk and do benta. With all fairness, she knows to market my stuffs. :) What do I craft? Usually, experimenting and trying out if my sketches would materialize or not. In short, walang nasasayang na oras.

These two, you can't just take them away from me. I do instagram updates, I contact my clients and inform them where my bazaar is. I am "call person" kesa ma-"text person" I won't mind calling basta importante. And guess who's  on top of my call list, HUBBY and MOM. My camera, for documentation and outfit post. haha! I want every single important happenings in my life,  documented, so kahit mabigat ang SLR, gorabels lang. Sa maikling salita, laging nakasabit sa katawan ko ang napakalaki kong bag haha!

Of course, it's still fun and exciting to join a bazaar with a partner to share space with! We do gimmicks to attract buyers, take selfie photos pampatanggal antok, and of course endless chatting na kahit pareho na kaming oily, masaya pa rin, may karamay ako haha!

That's it for now! I'll make more kwento sa part 2! :)


  1. wahhh i miss doing bazaars with you mare T_T great read :D

  2. Wow amazing handmade accessories. I'm looking for gifts to a friend, I already have an idea. Thanks for sharing.

    granton world


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