Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Is Better Than One

Ahhh! Heaven! After all the hardships and stress, I rewarded myself with a little shoe shopping! Good thing, Trunkshow Trinoma was on sale last Saturday with all shoes at P399 including the heels and wedges!!! Oh yeah! These two are my very first pairs of shoes from Trunkshow and I am super duper happy to snag 2 pairs!!! This is my secret when shopping, I love to wear flats more than anything else, but heels as pretty as this, looks best on special events., so if I get a pair of heels, I should get a pair of flats para walang sisihan after haha!
You like them? Can't wait to wear them on my outfit posts!!!:) 


  1. 399?? what a steal! :)

  2. Hello Denise! Nice styles :) Ganda and mura ha! Miss you :) See you sat sa BU5 ^_^


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