Saturday, November 10, 2012

Real-Time Update: 10A ALABAMA

Hello guys! I am doing a real-time update of what's going on with me at this very minute ahaha! I am super duper dead-tired from selling the whole day at the 10A ALABAMA ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIR! It was so much fun and so unexpected that mostly who bought my cobwebs and fabric accessories,were not my previous clients or my acquiantance, but just regular people who happens to love my stuffs! I am so happy that I went home with no more cobwebs on my box as in! Super thank you so much! Worth it ang pagod not just because of the sales alone, but also because I know deep within me that a lot is actually liking my cobwebs! weee super sulit ang puyat at pagod! :) 

And guess who's with me eh? Of course my cutie patootie Marise! haha! She's playing with hubby's iPhone para di mainip while I do sales at the back haha! :) For now I am just gonna leave these photos, don't worry I will blogging this fully on the days to come. Ay may utang pa pala akong kwento sainyo bout the Bazaar For All Season, don't worry bawi ko this coming week!:) 

For now need to rest, I will be leaving along with my family for Tagaytay. See you with a new post on Monday! :) God bless!

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