Monday, November 12, 2012

I Wander And Now I am Back

Hey guys! I am back in Manila now after my weekend getaway in Tagaytay! We (my family and 1) went there Early Sunday as in madaling araw which means, a few hours after I got home from the Alabama Art Fair last Saturday. What's pagod and lagare? haha! It's good to have a day or two to relax. To eat, sit, sleep, sound trip, sight seeing, shopping, chat, sing, and nothing else but all the enjoyment in the world - every once in a while to de-stress and reward yourself, right? RIGHT! And so I did! But instead of going alone, I had a wonderful trip with my family in Tagaytay which I will be sharing to you this week (along with my other backlogs). For now, forgive me for this quick post. I need to face reality that I am back to being a copywriter again! haha!

I just have to deal with my piling work stuffs first, then tomorrow I shall have a new post again! Hope you had wonderful weekend as I did!:)

PS: Can I just be a travel blogger/writer na lang? haha! :) Hire me?! :) 

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  1. Love the photos Denise! Glad you had fun on your well-deserved rest! ^_^


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