Friday, September 21, 2012

Real-time Update: Appear Disappear

Oh yeah I know such a corny title haha! But literally I have been like that for 3 days I think? Internet connection was gone or sometimes it's here but it works so slow hence, either appear online or I disappear haha! Now's only the chance to recover lost times that I should be blogging, working and lurking around haha!

Anyway aside from being offline and online, I attended such a girly girl event last night and below are some sneak peek on my outfit, and on the event proper! I will be blogging about them on the days to come.
I did my own make-up! I am starting to become a make-up addict lately. I own a few but in the last month I started to become more interested to it. Perhaps, I need to learn to put make-up since I will be doing this regularly for my shop's photo shoot. I will be helping my dear friend Patricia on the hair and make-up of our model-friends. So it's nice that at some point, I know a few make-up tricks hehe.

And because I am now officially a make-up addict, I will try my best to share some make-up tutorials, and my monthly make-up hauls. Or maybe my make-up kit? haha! 

Since the event is something girly girly, I chose to wear something pink. I am excited to share with you my outfit post! But for now just enjoy the teaser photos hehe.

And to cap this week off... FINALLY! My 50mm lens is back!!! I missed it so much that right after I claimed it on my new-found technician, I hugged it like there's no tomorrow haha! 

I was able to use it for an outfit shoot and below is the  result...

oh 50mm lens it's so nice you are back!!! :) 

HOW ARE YOU DOING LATELY GUYS? :) Did you miss me? haha!


  1. Hahaha! :D YAY for your 50mm! :) And we use the same make-up palette! My favorite shades are Numbers 41, 48 and 47. :D You look lovely, Denise!

    1. oh yes I love that palette!!! I am actually hunting for my next palette! any suggestion? :) and I am also investing on a small make-up box that I saw from SUESH that one with the lights? so cute! I am so giddy with cosmetics lately hehe :)

  2. Love the necklace!!! Its pink <3



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