Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lego Love!

Sharing with you a photo diary of our recent trip to SM MOA with Marise, hubby and mom. We were so fortunate to witness the golden sunset. What I love about SM Moa is the seaside. I am not the material-type of girl and I tell you, very low maintenance haha! Hubby can attest to that as I am happy with just sitting on the benches near the sea-side while sipping milk tea and muching on some yummy kwek-kwek (who does not love kwek-kwek right?!) I can even leave the mall without shopping for anything, well except for some of Marise's stuffs. hehe Kuripot ako in short haha!

Just a tip, if you wanted to enjoy SM MOA less the crowded area and long lines in the resto, be sure to visit during weekdays. I swear you can sleep on the floor inside SM Moa as in super konting tao haha! I am the type who hates malling with too many people so I am not fond with going to mall sales. May phobia ako sa masisikip na lugar haha! 

Lastly, see those LEGO photos??!!! Amazing right?! When I was a kid my papa used to buy me big pails of lego in different themes and designs. Up to now I was able to keep them and Marise still play on them. I asked my papa how much is a pail of LEGO in the 90s, and to my surprise, it's only P500 compared right now, a small box costs P1,000 to P1, 5000! Good thing I don't need to shop since I kept my childhood LEGO may pamana ako kay Marise haha!

I am hoping for a good weather tomorrow since I will be there with some friends to watch Resident Evil. I know SM MOA is having a big SALE until tomorrow, so for sure I won't stay any longer hehe. Not unless my friends would pull me inside to shop haha!

Got to go girls, it's crafting time! :) Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Lovely family! :D And I know what you mean about crowded malls. :/ It gives me a headache and makes me want to vomit.


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