Monday, September 17, 2012

The Cutest Things,,,

Sharing with you a few cutesy photos I found inside my lappy! haha! You might wanna see them. That photo of mine is a shot of mom few weeks ago then those shots of Marise were taken by me. I hardly get good photos of her because she's running everywhere. I always get blurred photos and her wacky poses. haha! I always tell her to smile and pose like a princess but she prefers to do candid/wacky poses haha! See that photo of hubby? Nice eh? It's just one of the many vain photos he has on our camera haha! Of course taken  by me.

Lat but definitely not the least...
Is this cute kawaii/cartoon sketch of me done by my good friend Nikki! It's so cute that I wanted it to be part of my blog header! Watch-out for that soon! 

O ang cute di ba? The sketch and I look exactly the same!ahahah!:)


  1. Super duper cute nung sketch, sis!!! It's so youuu ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

    1. yes super me haha! I told ya the sketch is cute! :)

  2. I super duper love this outfit Denise! :) Floral yet structured! Girl but manly! I love!


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