Monday, September 17, 2012

50MM Lens

It's 8:53 on the clock right now and I still haven't even dropped a word on my lingerie post for tonight (I am a lingerie blogger at night that's my regular job haha) I am quite a bit disturbed and sad knowing that my canon 50mm lens is not okay. huhu I even shed a tear because of it. It was still okay yesterday when I took some photos of what I wore but poof in a snap it began to act weird and it won't focus. That photo above is the last photo I had with my 50mm lens huhu! I still have yet to bring it to Canon service but a photographer friend told me not to for it will only take 3 weeks before I get it. He recommended me to go to Gilbert dela cruz in old sta.mesa who happens to be an expert on cameras and lens. According to my friend that guy had once worked at Canon and that professional photographers come to him for some camera help. I am just quite not sure if I should trust the guy or not. Hay I am confused! It's my first time to have my lens fixed and I don't know what to do.

If you happen to know the guy let me know. I called him and talked to him via phone, and upon the conversation I can say he's a professional naman but then I have to make sure. So if there are any photographers out there reading this post, hope you can help me out! :)

I need to shake my butt off and write my lingerie post. I miss my 50mm lens :( 


  1. sad news :( im no expert with this but i think you should go to him, referrals are really nice and helpful i guess? haha hope you fix that soon! :)

    1. awwww thank you for cheering me up with your sweet words! I really am being patient with comes to fixing my lens. I really do hope it will be fixed as soon as possible! :)

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