Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nothing Too Loose

If you'd ask me if I 'd rather be in a tight-fitting outfit or loose? I'd choose the latter. I still find loose clothing, much sexy than the fitted ones. I don't know why perhaps I just believe too much on the saying that "always leave room for imagination" well in this case, if you wear loose clothing, who knows how svelte you are underneath? haha! Anyway, this is just another boho-feel outfit I wore last week on a random joy ride near our house haha! Spotted an area with less people so I grabbed the chance to have my outfit taken in there. 

How do you find my look? hehe oh by the way I finally brought my lens to a camera expert and good thing it will only take 3 days before I can get it. Please do pray with me that my 50mm lens would be fixed haha! I always treat my things as humans that whenever something happen to them, I always think they are either sick or going to die haha! but good thing my 50mm lens is now doing great because she's in the hands of an expert hehe I really did assume my lens is a girl haha! Weirdo!

PS: Calling the attention of QUIMA RENEGADO you are the winner of the Vintage Diaries giveaway! Sent you an email weeks ago. If you can't reply to me until Thursday, I'll pick a new winner. :)

top- from Lissa Kahayon
pants- Landmark
heels- F21
necklace- Simone's Closet


  1. It's the sexy curly hair :) Lol.

    Michael Macalos

    1. thank you Michael! naks sexy curly hair! hehe really appreciate that :)

  2. I like the shoes and the pants. Kaso I always feel so frumpy when I wear loose stuff. Haha!

    My beauty blog

  3. I love loose clothes too but the tight fitting ones are the ones that suit me better (I think, hehe).. I love your top and pants though!! :)

    Hope your 50mm gets fixed!! I swear, as long as you have the 50mm, kahit yan nalang forever ang lens mo, pwede na ;)



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