Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WHATS UP? Baggelia Auction Party, BU3 and La Feria De Junio

To start this day, I just want to share with you 2 important events coming this week! 

As I have blogged here, BAGGELIA FILIPINAS will be having its fashion show/auction party tomorrow May 30 at the Scarlet Lounge Fort strip! I you want to party and extend help to their beneficiary, you may leave your name on the comment section and I will put you in the guest list!

I will try my best to come since I have no baby sitter to leave Marise with so in case I won't be there, just enjoy the night and blog about it alright?!

Then on June 2, BLOGGERS UNITED 3 is  set to heat the shore! This time on its 3rd and most bongga of all! I am sure you are all coming right?:) Everyone's asking, "WHAT TO WEAR ON BU3?" 

Lastly, on JUNE 15, I will be having a bazaar at Makati along with the rest of the other young entrepreneurs! If you want to meet me and see in person my handmade stuffs, go visit LA FERIA DE JUNIO at the Filipinas Heritage Library, Ayala Triangle Makati City! :) 

I shall post more updates about my bazaar on the coming days!:)


  1. I would love to come and see you, Denise! I also told my friends to join me! :)

    Name: Arra Abella


  2. Hi denise!!! I would love to see you on BU3, and take some photos with you!! <3



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