Monday, May 21, 2012

Bags For A Cause

Hi girls! I just wanted to share something inspiring to all of you. In this day and age, where life is becoming fast and all we think about is how to get-through within the day, we sometimes forget that there are those left-behind who need our little help. 
I was totally amazed and inspired at the same time upon knowing that there are young people out there who are willing to extend help to those who needs it the most.
 BAGELLIA Filipinas is a brand of handmade bags owned by young ladies, Hiyasmin and Kim who in turn, used their brand as a tool to help save a life. 

Recently, they began working the AID FOR JOYCE project on different social networking sites to help raise funds for Joyce who is a young lady suffering from a sickness called Billary Artresia. Her family needs to raise a big sum of money in such a period of time to aid for Joyce's operations and medicines...most importantly to extend such a young life.

And because of this, BAGELLIA FILIPINAS organized a bag auction party where everybody can join! Your presence and support can give help to Joyce! And you can even give bigger help if you participate on their BAG AUCTION

I, and along with other bloggers, were invited on this auction night on the 30th of May at SCARLET LOUNGE in Fort Strip! You may join me and the rest of the bloggers by just commenting on this post with your name and email address if you wish to come so I can put you in the guest list!

Let us help save a life through our own little help!

To know more about JOYCE'S life story read it here.


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