Monday, May 28, 2012

Within The Walls

Something fierce for a one hot morning. I recently had a shoot with ze hubby to Intramuros. That place is heaven! You can do outfit shots there without any  people watching you. Plus the area is so beautiful that you just wanna sit under the trees while reading your favorite book! So nostalgic :)

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I just had the worst day yesterday. I was at SUPERB wearing my cobweb necklace, when a girl called me and said that the necklace I'm wearing is   from her shop daw. I said it's not from her, it's my creation actually. I just don't want to tell everything because it still reminds me of how I was badly treated. From stares to sarcastic smiles. I am just so sad. But I am good now, what matters is, I know the truth and I am surrounded by you my lovely readers and my loyal customers :)

furry shrug- thrifted
pumps- Parisian Jr.


  1. Really love Intramuros! If only we've got no uniforms in school, I'd do my outfit shots here everyday! ♥ Haha! And OMGGG. Grabe naman yung sa cobweb sis! :(


  2. Rock rebel chic! Love it!


  3. Haven't been to Intramuros for a long time. I mean, I've visited the walled city a lot of time last year but didn't go to the park and gardens.


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