Sunday, July 17, 2011

SUNDAY MUSIC: 4AM by Kaskade

Hi guys! It's Sunday again and it's the last day of the NORTHERN SALE in SM north , JELLYBEAN and MANEL'S haha I am in panic mode! I will definitely check the stores later! Whoa! I did a bit of shopping in Landmark last friday with mom and Marise but didn't find any clothes that I like so I guess I will be heading to SM later. Tomorrow I will go thrift shopping! Yey I cannot wait! What I have been searching for now is a perfect high-waisted red pencil skirt or red maxi skirt! I wish I could find one!

Anyway, I didn't do anything yesterday but made accessories along with Marise for my 32nd collection. Plus a lot of eating and sleeping. haha! It's that time of the month again and my head aches like hell and hunger is attacking me once in a while haha!

By the way I would like to thank all the girls who commented yesterday regarding the SCHOOL OF THOUGHTS post. It's great to know that you guys understand what I feel and that not only me feels that way haha! Feeling ko may kakampi ako haha! Sana may kapitbahay akong fashion blogger para kahit araw-araw kameng magoutfit shoot sa garage no pakems ang mga passers-by haha! But again thanks everyone for making me feel good because of your comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :)


PS: The song is my current addiction this week! I love house music and this one's so soothing! Enjoy!


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  1. hi ate den. goodluck on thrift shopping:) I want to shop also. Maybe tomorrow :) much love.


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