Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey guys how have you been doing lately? Well me I am busy with my work plus my upcoming collection. And because I love all the items I will be selling, let me show you another piece again from my 32nd collection. It's an over-sized off white light sweater and I styled it so school-ish which is I love! Do you love it too? What do you think?You can buy it on my 32nd collection so watch-out for it! :)
On a side note, I was browsing through chictopia and saw a lot of pretty outfit photos which made me feel so envious of em. I mean I cannot do outdoor outfit shoots most of the time because I do not have a fancy house with a fancy garden and neither do I live in a viillage where you can set-up tripod and pose and pretend like nobody is watching. I cannot do that as of the moment. My house is stuck near the crossing and a lot of people are passing-by infront ofour house. Yes we have a garage but it's too wide-open and visible to passers-by. I cannot set-up my tripod and do my poses there even though I always kept saying to myself, "'walang pakilamanan" but you just can't coz not all people are kind enough to just leave you alone and do your thing right?

I mean a lot of people, pag may nakitang kakaiba, it's either they laugh or they whisper on the ears of their buddy, or worst? They drop ill-funny words just to satisfy them. I mean you get it right? It's surprising for other people (who are not fond of dressing) to see a lady in dress, with tights, killer heels, and turban on the forehead setting-up a tripod and doing such poses right? They maybe thinking I am losing my mind. ugh! Hubby cannot be my photographer for my everyday outfit shoots since he's busy with business and I do not want to bother him and be obligated. My mom on the other hand, does not know how to operate a dslr. So I have to be resourceful... DIY photo studio. 
And I am thankful it turned out great. But nothing beats the outdoor scenery as your background right? That's why I asked hubby if we could go outdoor shoots atleast  twice or thrice a month. Well, I am not giving-up on taking a good outfit photo on our garage, if I did do it, that means success to me! haha! I'll try to do it later, and we'll see. 
As of the moment I just enjoy my indoor photos, it's not that bad I guess. I hope you still like 'em! :)

PS: Have you ever experienced what I have gone through? Just wondering if there are other fashion bloggers too, who feels the same way. Natatawa na lang ako sa pagkarandom ng post na toh haha! 

over-sized white sweater- Simone's Closet
black skirt- thrifted
tights- SM
pumps- Parisian


  1. haha yeah before I was so shy doing outfit posts outdoors, or at the mall. But all for the love of fashion blogging, I don't care about them anymore.

    Looking forward to your upcoming collection! ;)

  2. love ur outfit shots!! :) when will be ur next collection? :) :)

  3. I know what you mean denise :) Don't worry! Indoor shots look great the same! And resourceful people are inspiring. You see, other people manage to take great outfit shots because they have the monetary "wealth" or connections to photographers whatever. Keep going :)

  4. hi denise, i just stumbled to your blog, and two thumbs up to your post! I haven´t seen the chictopia yet, but I know what you mean about the photos outdoors. Well for me, it doesn´t matter what the backgrounds are, as long as the photos turns out to be good and artistic and look creative and alive.
    Never mind what other people will say or think. You´re doing a good job! keep it up!

    xo, AiRene

  5. Love this outfit!
    Also, I have the EXACT same problem...nobody in my family knows how to work a DSLR, and where I live there is snow and the weather is waaay below freezing for the majority of the year so outdoor photos are mostly unrealistic. Yours seem to come out very well, however!
    Great blog, by the way :)


  6. i feel your sentiments denise! it's so hard to put up a great outdoor shoot without anybody whispering behind you. i guess that's just how our culture is..but do not worry, i think manila is far more forward than from where I live. Simply wearing tights here can turn heads like crazy na. sometimes i envy people from manila because there are so many fashion forward people na there. it's hard to flaunt here. but i guess all it takes is guts.

  7. oh my! ate den:) i feel your sentiments too. outdoor shots are great.:) you can pose whatever you want. i love your skirt;) keep on blogging:)much love:)

  8. awww... I feel you Denise! But see the fact that people are not used to your fabulousness is testament that you are unique! You stand out amongst a sea of ordinaries :P Keep doing what you love and soon all will pay off

    Have a great week!


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