Saturday, July 16, 2011


I was so lucky to have another outdoor photoshoot with hubby the other day, when I met-up with Ava for the Banana Peel gc's. While waiting for Ava, hubby and I bonded at MOA for a photo shoot under the sun and near the windy bay! Then headed to Red Mango for our favorite yogurt ever!
My favorite combination! Plain yogurt with choco syrup, dezato mochi, peaches, and kiwi! Yum! This is my weakness! I can finish this bowl in 10 minutes! haha

If I love my yogurt toppings to be chewy and fruity, hubby prefers his, crunchy! A combination of choco syrup, choco chips, almonds, cereals,and crushed grahams! Panakit ng panga as we call it! haha! 

Whenever we go for an outdoor shoot, we do not leave the mall without eating our favorites at Red Mango! Hubby was not fond of eating yogurt, but when I brought him to Red Mango he became best friends with it! haha! 

PS: Thank you to all those who responded yesterday on my blog post! Thank you to Airene, RimaMy, Cad, and Rizza Lana. Most especially to Melai. I know she's always there whenever I have this kind of sentiments she always know how I feel. 




  1. I love red mango too!

    Oh and denise, i know what you mean when you said na it's difficult to pose "outside" for our outfit posts. In fact, since I take my shots outside our house, a few people would also stare and it makes me real shy to the point that i will go back inside the house and wait 'til the coast is clear. Haha! Most of the time it frustrates me coz I cant get good photos due to it. Ayun lang, thought i'd share if it makes you feel any better. Keri lang Denise coz you are very fasyooon! Haha! :)

  2. i love frozen yogurt as well! i prefer mine with fruits and a lil bit of crunchiness too. i can relate with your last post, it's very difficult to take outfit shots lalo na when people are not sanay..

  3. That looks so yummy. You have a very handsome hubby Denise! I hope you are well! Kiah


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