Monday, July 18, 2011


If you are really a follower of my humble blog then you still can remember a post I made last June regarding the video shoot I had with a great photographer. Well finally here are some of the photos he sent me...

We only had few shots since what we are aiming for is to shoot the video we planned. Everytime I see these photos and most especially the video, I can't keep but shake out of fear or embarrassment! I mean,   I think I did a great job but I am still shy to watch myself in video! Yikes! But it's a good thing it helped me discover more things about hindi naman pala ako masyadong mahiyain konti lang haha! Pinanindigan ko na lang! Well it's for my work and I want the best results so I just swallowed my fear and go get rollin' even if I am being directed with an amazing young photographer! 

He's name is Christian S. De Leon, a student from UST but a master of photography! I have seen his works displayed in UST. Having that short time of chatting with him made me realized how big the world is and how much more I need discover and need to do. I adore his sense of self-learning. I can't imagine how pro his works are without undergoing any photography classes or courses. 

You can check-out his TUMBLR and his WEBPAGE too for some of his works. I forgot to ask the url of his online portfolio but I guess you can read it somewhere in his tumblr page.

And so after battling with my thoughts, if I should or should not post the video we made, well here it is... haha I am shaking while  I am typing this. I am no model and I am not telegenic but I hope you like it! If you are wondering what is VEDETTE just click on the link. 

PS: Just pardon my weird facial expressions, agh, it was so damn hot that day! :) 

black bodysuit- Vedette
knitted top- Landmark
floral skirt- F-stop
heels- F21 c/o Belle Fenix
bangles- hubby's gift


  1. I knew it! :) Yung tiles pa lang alam ko nang UST na. :) Christian de Leon also did a photoshoot for our org last year, he's really good :)

  2. lovely :) i love the outfit.. :)
    Christian de Leon was amazing :)

  3. So nice naman! Love your skirt and corset <3 Thanks again for leaving a comment Denise. It's very sweet of you ;)

  4. infernes! you have a beautiful hands ate den:) love the video:)


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