Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 Yes you got it right! I was able to shop even under shopping ban! How? well I finally got the Banana Peel GCs I won over at Ava's blog giveaway!  Thanks Ava! I asked my mom and Marise to go with me and shop for slippers!
bought one for hubby, for me, for mom, and for dad. Marise can't fit into the kiddie slippers so I got her toys instead (again) haha!

 Then off we went to Landmark for cheap thrills. I recently broke my laptop bag. So i have decided to
replace it. Getting an expensive one is not on my list so I decided to go check landmark for big colorful bags and these two got my attention...

both are so roomy and seems like an over-sized organizer bag, which is I think what I really need. I am just OC as that with my things even though I just work at home. I make sure I have a super big bag with all of the work stuffs inside. 

I used the black one for my laptop, and reserved the purple one for my dslr since the latter has round compartments that are best for rounded things such as my camera.

As you can see the bag is so big and you can put plenty of things, well kita naman sa photos right?  Na ang dami kong nailagay sa bag haha! There's even a small organizer bag inside! So OC me! haha!
So there you saw what I have inside my "work bag" haha well minus the laptop coz I am using it while I had the photo taken, but it sure fits well kahit na 15' ang haba niya haha! 

the purple one is meant to be my go-to bag for photo shoots. It fits my huge camera and my huge make-up kit (not in the photo). I love the rounded divisions inside coz finally i have something to hold and secure my camera whenever I go out. 

So all in all I spent P440 only for the slippers and bags.  I got P500 worth of gcs for the slippers, I exceeded P40 and paid for it. Then the bags cost P199 each so I paid 400 bucks! Imagine how happy shopping under a shopping ban is?! haha! 

How about you what's your recent purchase? 

PS: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM! We are going to eat dinner at her long- time favorite resto! Will blog about it soon!

PPS: I miss hubby so much, he's busy with his business but I will see him soon!

PPS: Teaser ads for my next collection, coming-up tomorrow! :)


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