Wednesday, June 8, 2011

JUNE CHALLENGE DAY 5: Preppy dress and blazer

Hello guys! Pardon another treatment of outfit photos. Kind of experimenting til I get the perfect treatment! I am currently renovating my room so I could turn it into a photo studio. On the next pay day I am gonna shop for carpets and lighting for my room so there could be enough lighting and good ambiance.

I have decided to try outfit shots without my feet on the photos hehe! My room's floor isn't presentable yet plus poor lighting causes my feet to look blurred. I am avoiding too much use of flash that's why. If somebody could help me here how to best shoot indoors just feel free to comment! :)

Moving on with my JUNE CHALLENGE...



DAY 6 
mustard peter pan collar dress- thrifted
black blazer- NY Square
belt- Landmark

Due to the very HOT HOT HOT weather! I chose to wear a short preppy dress to give me some windy feel! I put-over a blazer to cover my huge arms haha because the dress is actually sleeveless. But  you can choose not to wear the blazer, but for me when I used to dress-up for school, I always bring with me a blazer or a cardigan whenever I am wearing a sleeveless top or dress. 

Today's a bit colder since it's raining the entire morning. I love rain but it's kind of a hassle especially when you are commuting. I hate wet roads coz I can't walk properly when there's water on the ground. I am afraid I might wet my feet or get my shoes dirty, I am so OC noh? haha!

I will soon get back on making more fringe and fabric necklaces coz I got plenty of feedbacks asking me to make more! THANKS GUYS for supporting my handcrafted accessories! I will definitely make more! Next week I am gonna start making a bunch! 

PS: There are lots of clothes waiting to be adopted on Simone's Closet's AVAILABLE ITEMS folder! You might find something for yah! 



  1. I really like this! Such a cute dress. (:

  2. Love the look! And I like the patch detail on the blazer. :)

  3. @ bestie: thank you bestie! :) hope to meet you soon again! :)

    @claud: thank you claud! The patch is actually from Divisoria hehe :)

  4. Love the combination of black and mustard! ^_^

    BTW, regarding your question, I don't use flash when I take outfit shots indoors. May pinapalitan lang ako sa settings ng cam--the problem is I don't really know how to explain it because i'm not a photography smartass. experiment lang lahat ng shots ko kung maliwanag or not..hehe

    BUT! I bought an external flash last year so medyo napaganda ko yung lighting ng photos ko...i bought cheap flash sa hidalgo, quiapo and it really did wonders to my photos considering hindi naman tlga ako marunong gumamit and wala ako msyadong alam sa photography :P

    sorry haba ng comment ko! hope this helps!

    PS: You're so lucky you're about to have your own mini-studio! I've always wanted one for myself too but I don't have enough space uhuhu goodluck!! blog about it as soon as you complete your studio na ha! ^_^

  5. love your blazer, denise!! and likewise, good luck with the studio!

  6. @AVA: thank you ava! Hope to see you again! :)


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