Thursday, June 9, 2011

JUNE CHALLENGE DAY 6: White button-down shirt and choco brown shorts

It has been raining the whole day yesterday and I must say I love the colder weather than the melting hot we've been experiencing in the past few days. But thinking aside the rain makes traffic terrible! Imagine I was stuck at the middle of the road for about 30 minutes yesterday! Good thing I was able to meet first my customer! I will blog about our meet-up soon!  :)

And just because the weather is so cold, I wore my white button-down long sleeves shirt. 

white button-down shirt- thrifted
shorts- thrifted
red oxfords- gift from hubby
ribbon- random cloth hehe
This time I wore it with shorts instead of pairing it with my skirt. I felt like super formal if I wear this with skirt. Then I match this outfit with my red oxfords, tied a ribbon on my neck and voila, an outfit again perfect for school! I just love the red color of my shoes! :)

PS: I am craving for a hot goto  at tokwa't baboy haha! Mom please cook now! haha!

HAVE A HAPPY RAINY DAY! Got to work now! Ako na ang busy pero nagbblog pa rin! Well blogging keeps me alive! :)


  1. lovely! i love the sudden pop of red in this outfit! cute shoes!! ^_^

    BTW. The external flash I bough cost 3,500 It's the cheapest I found in Hidalgo...the rest are insanely expensive! haha when i use that flash, the photos don't really come out blurred unless nalang magalaw ako sa posing hehe ^_^ pero it gives amazing light even in a poorly lit indoor space ^_^

  2. Lovely top! I love how you paired it with those red shoes. =)

    Lots of love,

  3. denise! how in the world do you take care of your hair?! it's unbelievably beautiful!

  4. aww love the cute bow and shorts!

  5. I love your hair! It's so pretty :> And I agree with you, I definitely like the cold weather more except when I'm out and about doing errands -_-

  6. @Nikki thank you for answering all my questions hehe I want to meet some day hehe

    @ The Cheshire Cat: thank you! That red shoes is my favorite!haha

    @ Mestizay hehe I had it rebonded for about 6 months already and I just use shampoo and conditioner to maintain it hehe :)

    @ Ava thank you! Sana manalo ako sa giveaway mo hehe

    @ khlaren: thank you! and tama ka hirap lumabas pag tag-ulan kasi basa ang kalsada at maputik pa :)


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