Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 After such a long time (I guess one week) of not posting any outdoor photos, finally I have plenty to share with you guys! The weather has been acting really strange that's why it's kinda hard to dress-up even you feel like wearing layers and tights, but that idea just have to sleep first til rainy days come.

The other week was so busy with work loads but hubby and I had a time to sneek out and have our favorite Red Mango desserts, such a total solution to the freakin' hot weather! Hubby was a bit busy these days so we haven't got the chance of having outside shoots, but he promised me to have plenty next week! Yey!

I am loving stripes nowadays. I guess my go-to outfit now that's supah dupah hot, is a good nautical top paired with shorts, a pretty belt, and a comfy flats add to that an over-sized bag wherein I can put my camera, make-up kit and lots and lots of tissue paper and cologne!haha! I am such an OC type of person haha!
See that denim over-sized bag? I have a friend who makes bags, and the one in the photo is her first design. It is actually an eco bag, the one you bring in the malls or anywhere to carry all your shopping goodies. But the bag is made of thick denim and is so good to be an eco bag alone. So she thought this one can be used as a school bag too! Most her clients are students who is in need of big bags that can carry their stuffs. She asked me to make designs for this bag so she can successfully market it to students, and just right after she handed me this bag a couple of hours before I had this shoot, I thought of putting a ribbon on the handle, and I found it so cute!

I am actually thinking of more designs I could suggest to her bags. It's another DIY and crafting session again! :) If you want this bag I can contact my friend so she could make one for you!

PS: Hello to my new followers! I am hoping to meet all of you soon! Your comments make my day!:)

nautical top- Landmark
shorts- thrifted
flats- B Club
bangles- gift from hubby


  1. beautiful photos..great post as always!anyway i just posted something so i'm hoping you'll check it out..kisses!


  2. i know what you mean! it's been sooo humid lately! love the nautical look :)

  3. Hello. Thank you soo much for following. I have read your blog back when I was still not a blogger! I know you and I can't help but smile when you sent me a comment. BTW, I love your top!! I'm inlove with the nautical look, too.


  4. @ dina: thank you I always check your blog :)
    @fashioneggplant: you know how hard it is to dress-up when it's humid eh? hehe
    @angeli: aww nice to know that! Sayang you're from Cebu! If only you are here in Manila, I would definitely set a date to meet you! :)

  5. your red shoes are adorable! lalala love it!




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