Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well sounds like a campaign tagline of an airline company. But oh well, this is really what has been eating up my mind in the past few weeks. I am asking myself what if I try my luck abroad?
Oh well I won't do this if not because of my desire to give more than what Marise deserves for her future. If God permits then I think I am meant for it.

Enough of my thoughts hehe. Here's an outfit I wore when I had bonding sessions with my mom and Marise last week at Trinoma.

I wore a comfy outfit because as always, I need to run after Marise the moment she gets cranky hehe. Mom took the photos and yes I love how these pictures turned-out. I didn't bother to bring my dslr coz mom is not a fan of big cameras. haha 

This is the first time I got to wear my leather biker jacket, and I must say this is the comfiest jacket I have ever worn. It's perfect for a cold breezy day which we  are currently experiencing now. 

Don't you just love how this photo look like? It's like taken somewhere in a foreign country haha. I love the effect. GREAT JOB MOM!

And finally a photo of my outfit plus the head of Marise peeking beneath the photo haha! Will show you her outfit on the following day! 

PS: THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO SHOPPED on my 29 th Collection. It's almost sold-out! But you are not too late yet, there are about 4 pieces left that you can get. Please do drop by my collection by clicking the banner on the left side of my blog! Thanks everyone!

BIKER JACKET- thrifted
TOP- divisoria
LEGGINGS- online find
FLATS- divisoria
RED BAG- from Australia


  1. Dumadalas ka sa Trinoma ah? Haha. Love the jacket and bag!

  2. @Bestie: haha nawili ako dahil lage kame dun nagkikita ni Cheena. haha!madalas kame magwindow shopping haha.Plus I always shop at Landmark for cheap finds hehe.


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