Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hi dear readers! I missed posting my outfits, and finally another one for today. I was so busy with my newest collection that was released last Saturday. I am thankful for having CHEENA again as my photographer, stlylist, and hair and make-up artist! I super love you friend. I miss you! Plus I am so proud to say that I got a new model for my shop. Wee! Well I have tons of things to do so I cannot do all  the photoshoot stuffs alone. Thank God that these amazing people are there to help me! I am super greatful to have known them!

Just last week after the shoot, I went to the mall with Cheena again. We have this weekly thing of bonding with each other! Haha! I super enjoy her company! We bought bottles of expensive nail polish haha at P250 each. Well that's expensive for me already. I forgot the brand but it's in Trinoma. 

So while chilling and chatting at Starbuck's here's Cheena trying her "cracking" nail polish. Cracking because when you apply it, it will have a crack effect. I swear it's amazing! I'll ask Cheena to take some photos of her nail!

So that's basically what happened to the days I was not blogging about my outfit. I just love the bond Cheena and I have. I can spend the rest of my day chatting and strolling around  the mall with her. haha! I hope she won't leave soon. Well I am happy for her if she can leave asap, but of course I am sad at the same time because I have known her for such a short time. I am thinking of leaving for abroad too, well just planning for now. I want to work at Australia I hope God grants my wish.


PS: Do drop by my shop for my latest collection! :)

black top- Jellybean
Maxi Skirt- thrifted
fringe necklace- Anagon
bag- The Landmark


  1. wow can't wait to see that nail polish! I am crazy with nail polish!:) Nice outfit, denise! love the fringe effect

  2. i'm loving that necklace dear! :)

  3. You rocked that long dress with that fringed necklace on - something I wish I could do too. Hee. Love to you, Denise.


  4. aww what brand was it? :D i need a new dose of nail polish haha :)) and love the fringe necklace! btw, i changed links :)


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