Wednesday, March 16, 2011



It's those tiny unexpected things that really makes a man happy. For me, my simple girl bonding with my mom and my daughter completes my week. Then add to that the bonding moments we have every weekend with my hubby and daughter.

Whenever I see the photos above of my cute little daughter, I can't explain the happiness I feel. She's growing so fast, pretty, and witty. And oh I guess she's a wannabe fashion blogger because she knows how to pose effortlessly! Oh well better than me haha!

Speaking of little things that make me happy, let me show you my recent cheap finds at The Landmark Trinoma:

1. 2 cute shorts with free woven tawny belt = P500
2. Black layered chain necklace= P99
3. White beaded necklace= P170

Got these pieces for only P669 what a cheap find right?!!!

Oh how I love Landmark.

See you tomorrow for another outfit post! I am logging-off to meet Ava! 
Have a nice day! :)


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