Wednesday, November 10, 2010

INSPIRED BY: Delightfully tacky

You've seen already this dress so many times here in this blog, but this time I wore it my new striped tights. I was inspired by Delightfully Tacky's outfit as seen above. Read her post about it here. The only thing that sets her apart from me is her big fab hair! As in I want that hair now! haha!I just so love the volume and the thickness. And I think that her hair fits any outfits she wear. Well I love my hair too but I think it lacks volume, it's so flat and straight, that it pushes me somewhat to try perming my hair to make it curly just like hers. But maybe I should test that hairstyle first if it looks good on me before the big change happens to my life. Haha!

As you can see I wore my green plaid dress + tights + my flat shoes to somehow imitate Delightfully Tacky's look (oh well minus the real trees behind her haha! anyway I have a tree also behind me...only that it's a Christmas tree). I cinched my waist with a slim belt to add shape. Gosh I am getting fat I promise to lose wait NOW!Swear!Swear!:)


PS:Please do help me win in Pens and Lens contest by voting me in FACEBOOK like first the page then my entry photo!:) You can also vote via Pens and Lens' BLOG! Vote for Ariane and that's it! You already have a Christmas gift for me!:)Thank you very much!:)

plaid dress- simonescloset
belt- thrifted
tights- Landmark, Trinoma
flats- Divisoria
accessories- Quiapo


  1. looking fab with that dress! <3
    well the whole outfit is just fabulous!
    goodluck with the contest! i think its due earlier! yay! <3

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