Thursday, November 11, 2010


I woke-up with the sun so high and shining so brightly, and I felt I needed to wear this outfit. I saw this nautical top beneath the mountain of shirts inside my closet. I had worn this for several  times only since I bought this  2 years ago.

I thought this awesome nautical top would go better with my dark jeans, but it didn't, so I opted to wear my black high-waisted skirt and it went well with my top.

I wanted to have a color combination with my outfit so I picked tan accessories, and my tan animal-printed fedora hat, and oxford shoes to complete my theme.
But sadly, later that afternoon, Mr. Rain made a comeback, that's why I had not taken any outfit photos outdoors, and just relied with our tall Christmas tree, as my good-ol background for that day.

Gawd I am so busy for the past few days, it's really difficult to juggle work, school, blogging, store, up-coming bazaar, and personal life. I didn't even had the chance to just glimpse with our television. I even do not know anymore what's new on-air. But oh well, everything's fine of course with the help of Jesus Christ. Thanks bro!

To close this post, I'll leave you with my signature funny face, another stolen shot from my officemate.She's so good at it! haha!:)
PS: New collection coming-up later at 9pm! Don's miss it! New items from my new supplier!:)

nautical top- greenhills
belt- thrifted
oxfords- Archive Clothing
fedora hat- SM Dept. Store
accessories- Quiapo and handmade

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  1. I love the fedora hat! Been scouting for one in SM but couldnt find a good one! I love yours!

    Beautiful outfit!


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