Tuesday, November 9, 2010


As you can see in the photos above, Christmas is very near! And our office has already Christmas decors around. I can really feel Christmas and I am excited as those kids who are patiently waiting for Santa Claus. If I had one wish, that is for a happy and fruitful life for the coming year! This year has opened a lot of possibilities for me, and I do hope 2011 will be a good year again for me.

Expect that in my coming posts, I will be posing beside our Christmas tree, or instead in front of our piling cabinets, I have no other choice but to stick with these backgrounds, the season now is changing, as night time is longer than day time that's why as early as 5pm you can see the surroundings is getting dark already.

I can feel the aroma of Christmas but still, work comes piling on, so no time to relax as of now. Right at this moment I am preparing for my upcoming collection, the last collection before the much-awaited bazaar! Wee so excited!

Please do help me win in Pens and Lens contest by voting me in FACEBOOK like first the page then my entry photo!:) You can also vote via Pens and Lens' BLOG! Vote for Ariane and that's it! You already have a Christmas gift for me!:)Thank you very much!:)

grey dress (worn backwards)- thrifted
belt- vintage
leggings- online find
shoes- divisoria
necklace- Quiapo
accessories- handmade


  1. I'm impressed you're getting ready for Christmas already! You're much more organized than me! I love your tunic top - it looks so comfy.

  2. I love the preparation of christmas spirit! cute outfit btw x

  3. Yes christmas is very near! I can already hear Jose Mari Chan's "Christmas in our hearts." Whenever I hear this song, I know Christmas is just around the corner.

    I love your sleeves and your necklace btw :)


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