Friday, June 4, 2010


I am really a BIG fan of The Clothes Horse, which I know you also is a fan too! I love how Rebecca (the blog owner) manages to style the same piece of clothes in many different ways. I see something similar to her... that is wearing tights and leggings. I was browsing her page when I saw one of her post that features her all black outfit! I love black just like her, and I was inspired to recreate the outfit she got on that post. The difference is, she wears more sky high heels or wedges, while me, I am fond of wearing flat shoes and sandals. I am into thrifting dresses, and flat shoes. I am going to the mall today, thinking if I would reward myself with tights or shoes? What do yo think? I am kinda saving up, for my birthday is coming near. It's less than a month I guess. :)

black dress- thrifted
black cape (worn over the dress)- thrifted
black belt- dvisoria
brown shoes- thrifted
bracelet- gift


  1. I love Rebecca! She is a cutie with great style.

    I say shoes, too :)

  2. Yay, I love Rebecca! She's always so inspiring. And of course you channelled her all-black outfit wonderfully here. (:

    To answer your question: Incidentally, yes, I do actually plan to sell some of my clothes. I'll blog about it soon after I put up the site. I just have too much crap na. Hehe.


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