Saturday, June 5, 2010


Being a mother of a super cute and active two year-old baby girl, is difficult enough. Add to it the fact that I am running my online shop doing ALL as in, planning the marketing, advertising, shopping, inventory, and lots and lots of photography and creative inputs - makes my life more CHALLENGING rather complicated. For me I'd rather be horrified with my the lots of things I do rather than be horrified by boredom. I guess I am just a workaholic person. I feel more useful and creative if I have always something to do, rather than slouching on a couch and watch TV(though sometime I'd like to do that even just for a day). So here's what I wore today, when I went to office to run some office stuffs. You can see me wearing super casual outfits whenever its Saturday, for me I feel that my fashion paraphernalia (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories) are like humans too! They need to have breaks and some time to chill, so every Saturday, I dress down with the basic pants and shirt and slippers trio!

Here's a sneak peek of my NAUGHTYCAL COLLECTION: The nautical outfits with a twist! Tobe released later!:)

polo shirt- penshoppe
black pants- levi's
white slippers- mondi
watch- swatch


  1. great way to go! love your hair! xx

  2. Love your nautical collection Denise, good job! The Helga blazer is so cool. (:


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