Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've been wanting to own or should I say instead, wear a yellow dress my entire life. My color palette if you'll open my closet are now injected with colorful hues, back then I only have shades of black and grey. I am not saying that I don't like black anymore, it's just that I've learned to love other colors too! Black will always be my favorite, it makes me feel happy when I wear black because of its elegance and mystery-feel thingy!hehe! Well, I wore this yellow dress I got from multiply, pair with a brown vest that I also bought from multiply (from two different shops). I now can say, that I am starting to be obsessed with online shopping! It works for me and maybe for you to guys! Try it sometime it's a total stress relief plus they are all very affordable! You might want to get your first online item on my shop! I am about to release my 18th collection this week! Hope you'll be there!:)

Everybody in the office admires my dress, that they were actually asking me to buy one for each of them, but I am sad to say that the dress is just a sole piece from the collection. They were shocked to find out that I only got it at P200 including the shipping fee! So affordable right?:)

yellow dress- online find
brown vest- online find
black leggings- greenhills
yellow shoes- boutique find
brown belt- divisoria
bracelet- gift


  1. super adorable dress!
    believe it or not but the only online shopping i've done is forever21 and to buy my camera from a friend's online shop...hehe.
    i mean, i love looking at the clothes but i cannot trade online shopping over ukay2x...

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. love this look. lightweight layers = perfect. yellow makes me happy.

  3. I like this very light colored outfit for summer. I also really like pairing dresses with leather belts. Cool...

    B from A plus B


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