Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blown Away

 Blogging is a commitment and not all people understands it. Whenever I do my OOTD shoots, I have three things in mind: the location, the weather, and if it's a safe place to stay for a while. I drive myself most of the time. I bring my daughter to school in Del Monte QC, and before I go home I scout for places in which I can have my photos taken. After a period of time I was able to memorize the best areas near me where I can do my OOTD shoots. I always ask my mama to take my photos, or I bring a friend with me.  In short, I have come to my own OOTD routines.

This OOTD shoot was a bit different than the usual,  since last week, I had a meeting to attend to in Ortigas area (a place I am not familiar with) And so, being the blogger in me, I know I have to have my OOTD photos taken before I get "hulas" haha! even if I am not used to the place or the set-up. Surprisingly I spotted this newly-constructed condo nearby, and it's quite inside a street where less people pass by. I knew it was the perfect place. And so we parked on the side street,  I went down and my friend took my photos. Little did I know that condo is actually infront of a call center building haha!  People are starting to stare. haha! The looks in their faces are still lingering in my mind but since I am used to this already, keber na lang at gorabels sa OOTD shoot! haha!  After 15 minutes or so, the shoot was successful kahit na super hangin haha! 

Simply put, blogging is a very new thing in this world. Not all people understands the process or why we bloggers do it. It's beyond the norm as they say. Sometimes I am being shooed away by the guards, haha kaloka akala mo mananakawan sila sa pagipicture ko! Sometimes if I really like the area because it matches my outfit and it will be a perfect backdrop for my shoot, kahit na alam kong papaalisin ako, push pa rin ako! Best actress ata ito! haha! I will tell the guard "manong, papicture lang po ah, para po sa thesis defense ko, babagsak na kasi ako ng prof ko pag di ko natapos" with matching facial expressions na pang best actress award! haha! Ayun nakukuha naman sa ganong excuses. Some other guards are so over acting davah? 

Blogging is not an easy thing. It takes guts and a lot of patience and time. Minsan may drama and action pa especially if you have to deal with masusungit na guards. But I completely understand them, it's a part of their job. natatakot ata sila pagnakikita nila ung mahaba kong lens haha! 

How'd you find my photos? Hope you'll like them as much as I do! :) Will make more kwentos on my next post! :) 


PS: don't you just like my lace robe? It's a new piece coming out on our new collection this March 2015! :) 

lace robe- Simone's Closet
top- bazaar find
pants- Landmark
sandals- Tutum

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