Thursday, January 1, 2015

You're My Autumn

Yay to my first OOTD post for the first day of the year! :) How was your January 1st? Mine's a little laid back since we opted to stay home. I am quite not feeling well due to cough but I am feeling a lot better now. I actually want to give my hair a new look, so I am planning a trip to the salon by this weekend, well, hopefully, just in time before I dwell myself to another busy weeks! 

You know, often times, you want to do all things with your might, but you are just a human, and you get tired, and cranky at times, plus you just can't squeeze in all things in 24 hours. I have learned to be patient on things I cannot accomplish in a day, because there will always be a next day to conquer them. In short, matutong magrelax kasi tao lang haha! I am excited about my DIY 2015 planner which I have shown on my IG already (have you seen it? ) I am so excited to write on it. I swear I am gonna do it right after this post haha!

How's your 2015 so far? :)

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