Saturday, January 3, 2015

What's In My Bag? SACOLA PH tote

If you really are a follower of this blog, then you'll know that I am a lover of big bags. I am not the type to change bags depending on my outfit (well except for formal occasions that need lil purse) I am the type who uses and abuses the same bag all throughout til I find a new one haha! and the current obsession of mine is that SACOLA PH tote bag above! It's a canvass bag with animal print lining inside. I  am so loving it's roomy space I can put so much things inside like:

1. my IPAD
2. Abby Jocson pouch containing coins and smaller bills
3. Abby Jocson pouch holding my medicines and other small things
5. car keys
6. my favorite scent, BATH and BODY WORKS in white tea+ginger
7. mint candy
8.make-up kit
9. hygiene kit: wipes,alcohol and mirror

Yeah I have so much things inside my bag haha! And yeah, I don't comb my hair so I have no brush nor any comb inside haha! :)

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