Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Best Way To Say It Is To Just Say It

Summer is coming in a few months and I am totally on a hype now because it's my most awaited season! Being a boho girl, dressing up in my navajo-inspired ootds is best during summer! I seriously cannot contain my emotions over the pieces I designed for Simone's Closet. I cannot wait to finish them all! :) This week will be a bit busier for me with a client pitch, two meetings, crafting, shop visit and inventory, a trip to my car mechanic, a wedding in the weekend, and to top this all off my on-call/no day-off mommy duties haha! :) Wonder Woman will bow to me haha! 

top- Simone's Closet
maxi skirt- Simone's Closet
sandals- Shoeology

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