Friday, January 23, 2015

On Both Ends

Life lately is just house-Marise's school-house and nothing else. I have very boring social life haha! Well I barely go out with my girls since most of them are busy too! I miss them so much! So if you girls reading this you know where to call me up haha! My weekends are usually spent with my daughter and my family. I use my Saturdays and Sundays as a break from the 5-day work week. It's important for me to unwind and de-stress since I am the type who cannot work if my mind is cluttered and if my mood is not okay. 

How do you guys doing? I am so busy preparing for Simone's Closet's summer campaign, and on the production of our accessories for our Robinsons Galleria shop. I really do hope you'll find time to go there! :) 

more blog posts coming!!! :)

top- Simone's Closet
maxi skirt-Simone's Closet

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