Thursday, July 3, 2014

How Do You Make The First Impression?

For me, first impression lasts. And you don't want to make a not-so good impression especially on first encounter, whether it'd be over a dinner date, or a client meeting, creating your best impression is always important!

True that personality makes a person likeable, and not necessarily all about his/her physicality. But did you know that looking good makes any person feel confident about himself/herself? Thus self-confidence happens, creating a much more pleasing aura!

Like me, as a fashion blogger, fashion enthusiast, and business owner, looking presentable is much needed so I can boost my self-confidence more, and somehow carry any conversations between any people, with a little to no fuss!

Maybelline BB Cream is my secret weapon! I feel even more prettier when I know that my face looks fresh and evenly toned. It brightens my face, evens-out pores and spots, moisturizes, conceals, refines, plus, protects my face through strong sun rays. 

Before I apply any powder or make-up on my face, I make sure to put Maybelline BB Cream on my face, to set it first. 

The best way to apply it, is when your face is damp. So make sure to wash your face first, dry it up a bit before applying. The trick is to put small dots/amount on the areas of your face before spreading them out using a soft face sponge. Before putting on concealer or powder, set the BB cream first, by leaving it on for 5 minutes.  This will help the BB cream to stay longer on the face, and looks refined and smoother!

What I like most about Maybelline BB Cream is that, it blends well with almost any concealer brands and powder, and does not look cake-y. As much as possible I try to avoid my face from looking too white, and cake-y. Good thing, the bb cream blends well with my skin tone, and I am lovin' that it evens-out my pores and blemishes! 

I am such a huge fan of MAYBELLINE BB CREAM! Been using this for 4 years already, and it never failed me! :)

How about you, how do you make your first impression? :) 

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