Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seek And You Shall Find

I am not a total religious gal who knows exactly every verses in the bible. But all I know is, I have been seeking something that I don't know what. I feel I lack a huge space in me, and I am hoping sooner or later, it will be filled be again. Emotions are the hardest to deal with. Much harder than solving a Trigonometric problem. I cannot decipher what I actually feel right now. No words can suffice what exactly I feel, but all I know is, I am near to being happy again. 

After every fall, standing up is a challenge. It's never easy, but if you keep on seeking for the moment to stand again, you will never fail. I hope God will be lead me on my journey. :)

top- random
maxi skirt- Simone's Closet
sandals- Solemate
bag-from Australia
necklaces- Simone's Closet


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