Friday, May 23, 2014

The Beach Life

Here's another OOTD from my recent trip to the beach! I woke up early on our 2nd and last day to see the sunrise and have my photos taken near the shore. It was so heavenly and surreal to see the sun come up, the sea so calm, and the air smells so fresh and relaxing! I wish I have a house near the beach. Feeling ko bitin ung 2 days, I could have stayed longer but my city life won't let me.

When the time comes, I have to retire from work, I want to build a house near the beach. I want to make a bohemian house and live the free spirit/beach life! It's nice to wake-up in the smell of the sea, and the view of the nature, while you linger that happiness inside you as you glide your eyes towards the horizon! 

Can't wait to blog about our 2nd day at the Sabangan Beach Resort! :) 

PS: My papa and mama took these photos haha! :) tandem sila :)

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