Thursday, May 22, 2014

PHOTO DIARY: Day 1 Sabangan Beach Resort

It was a tradition for us family to go swimming to the beach just in time for summer. We cannot go outside Luzon yet, to try Boracay or other wonderful beach shores, since we cannot leave our dog with us. Very few resorts allow pet dogs into to their resorts. This made the hunting a bit challenging.

Our target location is at Laiya,Batangas, after learning that it  has white beach sand, a bit near to that of in Boracay. Upon a friend's suggestion, I happen to know about Sabangan Beach Resort.

So, I googled the resort, saw the web and it was breathtaking! I swear what you see in the photos, is what you get when you reach the resort. The white sand and the aqua blue sea is just magnificent. The entire feel of the resort is so native, ethnic, and boho! I feel so lucky to have spotted a place that matches my personality! 

The entire place is so peaceful, refreshing, clean, the beach houses are all so superb! They're beautiful inside and out, I just forgot to take photos of the interiors of the house we took, well because of excitement, but I commend the boho feel inside especially the boho fabrics of the bed! :)

We got the house Bungalow 1C, which is a few steps from the beach front, and to the dining area. It cost around P10, 200 for an overnight stay good for 5 persons. It includes buffet meals for merienda, dinner, breakfast, and merienda before your lunch check-out the next day. 

The house we got is fully-air conditioned, with one large comfort room with hot and cold shower. 2 double-sized beds, a closet with vault for you to keep your things in, TV with cable, and a free use of wi-fi! What can we ask for isn't it? It's like we brought our house to the resort hahaha! It's a plus too that they are animal lovers, they allowed us to bring our pet dog! :) 

take note may hammock pa! hahaha! 

Our house is just 10 steps away from the buffet/resto! My photos above didn't do justice to its ethnic, home-y feel. I forgot to bring my wide lens with me (fail!) It will be much better to take its entire look so you could see how very refreshing it looks, and kung bakit masarap kumain doon! haha!

The day we checked in a week ago, May 13-14, 2014 (Tuesday and Wednesday) we were only 5 families who were there, so it made our stay more private! In this dining hall, we eat during meals together with the other families while we feast on their Filipino cuisine! I won't bother mention the food we had during the meals, but I swear they're so delicious and you can actually go back the buffet table whenever you feel you want to eat more! :) That's why I think I gained 2 pounds over the vacation hahaha! :)

We left the house (Manila) around 6am and we reached the resort around 11am which is 3 hours before our 2 pm check-in time! The resort staffs were all so accommodating and friendly, that when we got there, they were all full smiles, and very welcoming! They toured us to the entire resort, then they showed us our house, the pool, and the dining hall. Our driver is with us, and it was a good thing that they have a driver's house too! Such a very nice accommodation for the family drivers! 

So, the first meal they served us was merienda! Super sarap, and super dami! We had puto and kutsinta, pineapple juice, turon, and pansit! Such a very heavy meal before we dived in to the pool! Di pa kasi pede sa dagat dahil super jinit pa! 

Did I mention they have an open bar too? which opens (I think) during Fridays and weekends. But nonetheless I always sit there during sunset so I could I have a view of the beach before it reach the dark. 
This is me walking to the pool! :) 

Then when the sun is a bit tolerable na , we went to sea for an afternoon dip! :) 

oh bongga ang shot na ito! buti pa my daugther Marise, may ganitong shot hahaha!

my beach essentials: my polka-dotted pink flip flops, my pink cobweb, my pink boho crown, and my woven bag!

It's not only me who knows how to pose, even our dog too! oha! instant blogger!

We really enjoyed our first day that all I did was swim with Marise! I intentionally wanted to have my skin tanned, but unfortunately, di masyado  haha! I also commend the super crystal clear sea! And hindi makati ung water unlike other beaches! 

And because of my excitement over swimming, I slept early that night around 9pm! record-breaking sleeping hour ever!!! sobrang aga than my usual 2am sleeping time! :)  

I was not able to work even though I have with me my gadgets. I think I left my brain sa Maynila! I feel like floating! haha! I swear I feel so revived and inspired! At least I managed to forget about work, and find time to relax and enjoy with my family! 

What happens next day? well, that's a post you have to wait for right after this! :) 

PS: all photos are unedited, talagang ganyan kaganda ung view swear!:)

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