Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PHOTO DIARY: DAY 2 Sabangan Beach Resort

Hey guys! Finally I am able to continue my photo diary of my recent trip to Sabangan Beach Resort! To continue, it is really true that when you go early to bed, you will rise early the next day. And since I slept around 9pm on our first day, I managed to wake-up early at 5am, the next day, to witness the sunrise!

It was indeed surreal to see the round orange-y ball of sun going up from the horizon.
 While the beach front has no crowd of people yet, I took advantage to take some OOTDs! Discovered my parents are actually selfie-addict too! haha! They have plenty of selfies than mine! haah!

The best time to swim in the sea is in the morning when the Sun is still soft! We took advantage of our early wake-up time by taking our family photos first, before we dived into the sea! 
Sorry conservative haha! :) that's the sexiest I can go  haha!
my beautiful Marise!!! she actually don't want to come home that fast! 

Look! our dog swims with us too! :)
here's a little dry area we provided for ourselves to wipe our wet body first before we touch our gadgets! :)

Day is really a fun-filled day/  of swimming and getting tanned, and oh, a lot of EATING!!! hahaha! I adore the clear water of the Sabangan beach front. It is quite hard to spot on beaches that have clean shore.

Of course day 2 is also a katakawan day! The buffet table is out pouring. You can have as much as you want! And since our check-out is at around 12nn, we should be done with our packing a little earlier than our check-out time. 

Good thing I finished it soonest I can! While waiting for others, I walked inside the resort, and took several shots of the wonderful place!Like this big bohemiam house!

Before we straight ahead to Manila, it is mandatory to go see Nuvali first:)  M y camera went ded batt! hence we don't have photos na on our trip to Nuvali. Had our early dinner narin there, before we headed straight to Manila! 

I wish I'd be stuck on that time so I could be on the resort until I want to! haha!


Now to rate the resort: 
it's 9/10 for me. there's no perfect resort and each has its own share of nega and positive feedback,
but for me, I am definitely going back!!!:) TWO THUMBS UP! :)

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