Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Leap Of Faith

 photos by my papa

Sharing with you my last OOTD from my beach trip to Sabangan Beach Resort 2 weeks ago! I woke-up early to ask my papa to take my photos. He's so nice of him to do this with me, instead of sleeping. What's so good about our shoot was, he lets me do more poses til I get satisfied with the shots! As you can see, I had a hard time controlling the camera setting due to the strong sunlight. But thank goodness the photos turned out awesome! 

Today, was my first day on the driving school. I was so nervous I spoke a few times only, to my instructor. He even had to break the ice on me by slightly shouting "whuuuy okay ka lang? " haha! driving a manual car is not easy you know? I was actually concentrating with my foot works, knowing I have 3 pedals to juggle. Plus I need to control my hands for the steering wheel, my right arms for the gear, and my left for the signal lights, my eyes for directions, and my ears for more guidance. I seriously need to sew them all together to be able to run the car smoothly! I swear I feel like I am in a cold tub filled with ice. I am really shivering haha! Good luck to me! It's my second day tomorrow. My call time is at 6am! yay! :) I never imagined myself driving, I just took all the courage. :)

PS: would you please pray for me? I seriously need to learn how to drive or else, I am gonna cry! But kidding aside, will you? :) 

cape-Simone's Closet
swimsuit- Coco Cabana


  1. Good luck Denise =) Learning how to drive is in my "TO DO list before 30". I have ZERO idea how to drive at all, and I'm scare too haha... I'll be surely following ur lessons, hehe


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